Under Construction

breaking walls, building relationships​

The main theme of the conference is: ‘Under Construction: Breaking Walls, Building Relationships’. During the conference we will focus on the walls surrounding our heart. These walls provide protection, but also create distance in our relationship with God and in our relationships with others. With lovely worship music, multiple moments for reflection and a variety of speakers we will dive further into this theme.

Services & talks

Safe walls

Wednesday evening - service

There it is. You’ve just arrived at De Betteld, and you’re ready for the first service to get started. Where do we start? Easy, at the beginning. For what are these walls exactly? In this first service, Henk Bakker will give an introduction to the theme of the conference and will talk about the positive aspects these walls provide us.

The Wall of Fame

Thursday morning - talk

Everyone needs the protective function of the walls surrounding their hearts. Can we recognize this effect in our society? Does society have any influence on this? Arie de Rover will talk about this in the service of Thursday morning.

Breaking Walls

Thursday evening - Service

So, these walls. The protection they provide is very nice, but everything has it’s pros and cons. Which cons are there? Should we even want to rely so much on these walls? This Thursday evening, Henk Bakker will talk about the negative aspects of the walls surrounding our hearts: they distance us from others and from God.

Building Relationships

Friday morning - talk & Q&A

This morning we will try something different. Wilbert Weerd and Jantine Stam, both working at relief centre “Dichterbij Herstel” (Closer To Recovery) will join us to tell us about a subject they know very much about: the beauty and brokenness of sexuality. Wilbert will tell us about sexuality in the Bible, combined with neurology and physiology. Sexual sins and trauma’s will also be discussed. After the talk, there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions to Wilbert and Jantine during a Q&A.

More Than Walls

Friday Evening - Praise & Prayer

The Highlight for the chanteuses among us. Friday night will be all about praising and praying. You will also get the chance to hear beautiful stories and experiences of people who want to testify their faith in Jesus Christ.


Saturday morning - Short service

Tired of last night’s party? Don’t panic. Saturday morning will be a shorter service, focusing on gratitude and worship. 


Saturday afternoon - service with Holy Supper

How do we stay under construction and how can we involve others in this process? During this service, we will reflect on the conference and talk about building connections in our own church, city and community. The service will be concluded with the celebration of the Holy Supper.


Henk Bakker

Professor in theology

Henk Bakker teaches at the Christelijke Hogeschool Ede, at the VU Amsterdam and at the Baptisten Seminarium. Furthermore he is a extraordinary professor at the VU at the McClendon Chair for baptistic and evangelical theologies.

Henk teaches dogmatics, hermeneutics, ethics and Biblical theology at the Seminary. He was a preacher himself for fifteen years.

Arie de Rover

Spreker, SCHRIJVER & coach

Arie de Rover is speaker, writer and coach. In 2012, his book Struck by Gracewas published about how he had to experience a blow ten years before to start living out of surrender and grace. Before that turn, De Rover worked in business.

Wilbert & Jantine

dichterbij herstel

"Dichterbij Herstel" (Closter To Recovery) is a care practice in Veenendaal for psychosocial and relationship therapy.

Wilbert Weerd started Dichterbij Herstel in 2011. He gives relationship-, group- and individual therapy. In addition, he gives talks, trainings and workshops.

Jantine Stam is a psychosocial therapist. She gives both individual-, relationship- and group therapy. 

Tracks & workshops

During the conference you can chose between different tracks and workshops. More information about these will follow later.

Prayer team

During the conference, the pastoral prayer team is present. These people put a few days aside to pass through the conference and listen to what you might have to say. Did you find the service special? Do you want to talk about something or are you very encouraged? Feel free to come to one of the members of the prayer team. They like to listen to your story. 

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