Practical information

everything you have to know for the Live it! 2020

The conference takes place from May 20 to May 23rd. On this page you will find all information you need for registration, preparation and during the conference. Other questions? Send us a mail.


Registration for the Live it! 2020 can be done through this pageEnter your details and afterwards pay with iDEAL. Registration is possible up and until May 14th. For people attending the Live it! for the first time is a €10,- discount. From April 1st, you’ll get an email with a link to information of the tracks you’ll be able to sign up for. Track registration is necessary for your full registration.

We are looking closely at the developments around the coronavirus during our preparation for the conference. At this point, we do not have any reason to assume that the Live it! can not take place. If this changes, we will inform you.

If the conference would have to be canceled, we would of course refund the already payed amount to your account.

This amazing conference has the bottom price of €77,-. This will give you three nights in a tent, food, services, tracks and a whole lot of fun. Would you rather want a roof above your head? You can sleep in the dormitory, which will cost you €85,-. Sleeping in the inn is more luxurious, given you have your own bed, and therefore the most expensive: €95,-. If you’re not member of an IFES society, you will have to pay €5,- extra. Please note, you pay for the entire conference, even if you do not stay the entire time at De Betteld! If this is your first time at the Live it!, you’ll get a €10,- discount.

Tent: € 77,- (€ 67,- if you come for the first time)
Dormitory: € 85,- (€ 75,- if you come for the first time)
Inn: € 95,- (€ 85,- if you come for the first time)

Aside from the fixed costs, you’ll also be able to use the shuttle service. If you use this service, this will cost you €5,- two way. You’ll also be able to buy consumption vouchers for €5,- per voucher. A voucher contains 10 stamps. You can buy them in cash or with your card. It is also possible to order some at your registration.

Are you planning to stay in a tent? Don’t forget to bring €5,- cash deposit for a shower card!

If you haven't been to a Live it! before, you get a € 10,- discount on the conference price. For this, it does not matter how long you've been studying.

Made an error when filling out your registration? Send an email to

Changing your accommodation is possible until one week before the conference. For this, a service fee of € 2,50 is charged. For this, send an email to

It is not possible to change the amount of consumption cards you buy in advance. You can however buy consumption cards on the conference with cash or PIN.

Until 14 days after registration you can cancel you registration free of charge. After this, a cancellation fee of 50% of the conference price is charged. From two weeks before the conference, a cancellation fee of 100% is charged, unless the cancellation is beyond control. Cancelling your registration can be done by sending an email to


It takes more than 15 minutes to get to the conference location by foot. That’s why there is a collective transport system in place. At Wednesday evening, there will be shuttle busses, traveling from train station Doetinchem to the conference site. These busses will depart at exactly 17.00, 18.00 and 19.00. Please try and catch these busses, because during the service, there will be no busses going to De Betteld. If you don’t have your own transport, please use this shuttle service to get at the conference in time for the Wednesday evening program. These shuttle busses cost €5,- two way. Dinner will be served on Wednesday evening at 19.00, the main program will start at 20.00. On Saturday, the shuttle service will be available to travel back to train station Doetinchem. These busses will depart at 16.30 and 17.30. If you travel by car, please park your car in the parking lot of De Betteld at: Altenseweg 11, 7021 HR Zelhelm. Parking at the camping site is not permitted.

Do you arrive later at the conference or do you need to leave early? It is possible to get a ride to or from train station Doetinchem. For early departure, you can sign up at the information desk. For late arrival, please don’t hesitate to send an email to Please remember, during the services or tracks, a ride is not possible!

During the conference, you can sleep in your own tent, the dormitory or the inn. Bringing your own tent is the cheapest. You do need to fix a tent. Share it with someone, or fix a tent for your entire society to fit in! At the camping site are sanitary facilities for you to use, for example a warm shower (against payment). The dormitory provides you with a roof above your head, though you still do need to get yourself a sleeping bag and mattress. You’ll sleep above the Ichthuszaal, where the conference is taking place. The inn is the most luxurious. It means you’ll share a room with five others. It gives you a bit more privacy and rest than the dormitory does. Your mattress, blanket and pillow will be provided for, you only need to bedlinen: fitted sheets, duvet cover and pillowcase.

During the conference

Meals are arranged by the cooking team and are all in the eating part of the Ichtuszaal. For people with allergies or diets there is a separate table. Please only use this if you indicated you have an allergy or diet or are a vegetarian.

At the bar, you can only pay with consumption cards. One card costs € 5,- and contains 10 boxes of € 0,50 which can be ticked off at the bar. At registration, you already had the possibility to buy consumption cards, but they are also available during the conference at the information desk. The information desk accepts both cash and card (PIN) payments.

The information desk is stationed in the lobby of the Ichthuszaal. You can ask all your questions there about groupings, shuttles, first aid and medical emergencies, and more. You can also buy your consumption vouchers here.

We are guests at De Betteld. Please mind the other guests. Practically, it means silence after 23.00. Alcohol is only allowed for people 18 years and older of age, and it’s not allowed at the camping site: please bring your empty beer bottles back to the bar yourself. Men and women sleep apart. Please listen to the people of the Live it! committee, First Aid team, calamities team and stewards. That way, everything will go as smoothly as possible. And last but not least: love your neighbour as yourself.

Live it!-Committee

Conference site: De Betteld, Aaltenseweg 11, 7021 HR Zelhem

Got any questions? Please don’t hesitate to send us an email!